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Welcome to 16 Renford Road, a predominatly paper-based literary publication. 16 Renford Road is a journal dedicated to the dissemination of written ideas, thoughts, stories, expositions, and such. As of yet, there are no particular foci towards which the work aim; opportunity and originality remain the primary principles.

Prose, poetry, drama, exposition, and your choice of modernistic writing forms are readily welcomed at any time. Click above for recommended submission techniques; the crux of an issue is that we, the Editors of 16 Renford Road endeavor to promote writing and creating at any level, and hope that 16 Renford Road can be a goal and forum for those products

Please Enjoy the electronic versions of the previous issues of our publication (normally printed on ivory-colored paper, 7" x 8.5", 32pp.), submit comments, questions, or requests for the paper edition in the appropriate form (above), and keep writing!

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