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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

Table Of Contents

Blue Period (Three)
Two: Soliliquy (an editorial)- Christopher R. Moore, Editor
Six: Luscious Purple Rain (a poem)- Eric Mayhew
Seven: Dizzy-Spin (a poem)- Peter Bonino
Nine: Do You Feel? (a poem)- Gary C. Campbell
Ten: Dream (a poem)- Brian Scaccia
Eleven: Magnet Poems #1 & #2 (two poems)- Jamie Spadini
Twelve: 0013 (a poem)- Dawn Palmer
Thirteen: A Wand'rer's Dream (a poem)- Scott C. Pickett
Fifteen: The Leaders of Life (a poem)- Ryan Foster
Seventeen: No Rhyme, No Lie... (a poem)- Christopher Fraser
Eighteen: Aphorisms (thoughts)- W. James Steck II
Nineteen: Staggered Logs- W. James Steck II
Twenty Three: Snails (a poem)- W. James Steck II
Twenty Four: Ryder (an essay)- Christopher R. Moore
Twenty Six: The Sexual State of Human Nature (a thesis)- Andrew L. Casad
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