16 Renford Road
Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

- Brian Scaccia

I lay down to bed and close my eyes,
the darkness envelops me;
not good nor evil, unfeeling, a shade of gray perhaps.
But not.
It is surely black; no light, no color, no form, no emotion.
But alas I cannot dream as I sleep.
I do not drift into unconsciousness, it hits me, 
hard and sudden.
I do not foresee its coming and it overtakes me.
Swimming, it envelops me.
I float in Limbo, the blackness coating me,
filling my eyes, my nose, my ears, 
It permeates my being.
But alas I cannot dream as I sleep.
Straining to see through the inky blackness, an image, an idea; anything but
the dark.
My mind goes empty, no thought, no fear, only the emptiness;
for it is my friend and can never leave me.
The mind numbing repetition of the previous day saps me of my creativity, my
my imagination dissolves.
A zombie, the waking dead;
I lay paralyzed until the dawn creeps through my window. 
For this I cannot dream as I sleep.

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