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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

- Christopher R. Moore, Editor

	Greetings and salutations.
	Creation.  What a process it is.  An infinite variety of mediums in 
which it may proceed.  Exempla gratis: In principio creavit Deus caelum 
et terram.  Vishnu Purana..  The emergence from a cosmic ovum.  An 
"earth-diver".  Choices, choices, choices.
	Questions teem: How are we here?  What's the deal with our 
existence?  Why?  Do we, perhaps, owe the existence and being of our 
Universe and World and Self to God our Father, a Grand Architect, 
Paley's Watchmaker.  With His omniscient and omnipotent hand he 
brushed the Oils of matter and meaning over some great Canvas set 
lovingly over an equally great Easel, with all the skill of an infinite 
Michaelangelo.  Or instead of pigments, we could all be figments of an 
infinite Imagination, metaphoric neurons with allegoric synapses firing 
this way and that.  Try this on for size: our world, alas, may not be able to 
thank a Father for his sperm, a Progenitor for his impetus.  Creation, in 
that case, could have a Mother, the maternal laws of nature.  The caring, 
kneading fingers of logic and gravity and chance and thermodynamics 
may be the at root of our history.  Combinations and permutations of the 
cosmic ragoût of elements and kinetic energies working in unison with 
time, eras and epochs, endless eternal progression, ever-complex changes 
and mutations, as the means lead to, always temporary, yet momentarily 
permanent, ends.
 	Perhaps miraculous and divinely inspired, or perhaps in absolute 
concordance with the laws of nature, mystery regarding our origin 
abounds.  One more question: Is it, to inquire into the fundamental basis of 
previous curiosities, important to know of the Primus Mobila, the Original 
Force?-or is it sufficient and adequate only and even solely to recognize 
and know and appreciate the Result, the Effect?  The magnificence of our 
Earth and Universe and Life is so very apparent.  For all it matters, a 

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