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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

particularly witty goat could have created everything, but so what - we 
have what we have, as they say, and there's no denying that.
	Simply, Creation is good.
	Now, I shall cease speaking of the creation of worlds and mention 
the Creation of Art.  Yes.  A very fascinating subject indeed.  It is full, as 
well as the previous topic, of philosophical issues, qualities, importance 
and significance.  Art is a very mysterious thing, of course, filled with 
debate over platonic Forms or waxing-profounds of Pirsig's (roughly 
paraphrased) Zen and Fixin' Motorbikes.  The artist is one who attempts 
to manifest his ideals, one who tries to extract from his head his 
imagination or perception of reality, and endeavors to realize those beliefs 
upon paper or clay or stage or ear.  The mind, built of its boundless past 
and future experiences provides an infinite well of potentiality.  It is the 
drawing out from the well, the distillation from the flotsam and jetsam of 
the head, that takes skill; but it is a skill, surely more or less developed, 
within everyone.
	This creation, in ways, is the essence of our being, the final cause, 
the purpose.  In life, it is not the individual human being who perseveres, 
of course, but his or her contributions (material or organic) to a 
continuous, ever-advancing society.  It is art that will survive, that will 
become the extant testimony to one's existence.  Just as science and 
philosophy do, art accumulates from one generation to the next, always 
adding and amending and augmenting to the aggregate of all past 
representations of a personal reality.  For one to continue in this spirit, to 
contribute to the totality of yesterday and be the foundation of tomorrow, 
though cliché, is essential.
	Setting aside eternity, during this eon (although we are rapidly 
reaching some frontier - as always, for we are always immediately at the 
unexplored periphery), in the production of art we may share our ideas and 
truths with one another.  Through that, we may understand each other to a 
greater degree, and comprehend varying perspectives on the so-called 
"human condition".  With so much variegation and, paradoxically, 
ubiquitous similarity, it is nice to become aware of the binding factors and 
on the other hand the differentiae of individuals in our world.

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