16 Renford Road
Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

	For this purpose, of elaborating and articulating one's perceptions, 
of all the multifarious mediums of art, the burden may most easily fall on 
the shoulders of pen and paper, for its pervasiveness, accessibility, and 
ease of use.  Ah, literature, writing.  Reading, flipping crisp ivory pages.  
Eyes caressing black-typed words and sentences and paragraphs and 
chapters.  What a tradition we have: Homer, Thucydides, Ovid, Milton, 
Dante, Shakespeare, Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Brönte, Joyce.  The meaning 
and feeling and experience their works lend to curious readers - quite 
	For all these above reasons, I felt the obligation to commence the 
publication of this insouciant literary publication of sorts.  When one 
peruses some magazines, or takes an academically-oriented class, a 
number of names and theories are put forth.  But relative to the number of 
possible names and theories possible in our grand hoi polloi, the 
publicized ones are of miniscule quantity.  Sure, on average perhaps their 
quality is high; but on the individual basis, who knows?  Much repression 
goes on - not necessarily societal, or economic, or by peers, but primarily 
by the self - of one's ideas and writings.  Perhaps they are put onto paper, 
but never disseminated, deigned to live out its shelf life in the bottom 
drawer of the desk, beneath a moldy apple core.  More likely, the words 
never find themselves metamorphosed into ink, for the effort/gratification 
ratio seems much too high.  To provide a backbone onto which one may 
hang their struggles, literary or otherwise, seemed the right thing to do, for 
the social community in which I reside appeared to lack a proper outlet or 
fare for such things.
	Thus, in summary, I created 16 Renford Road in order to enable 
the circulation of the most poignant thoughts, ideas, theories and 
philosophies of our day with fellow readers and critics.  I wanted to 
encourage the writing process (conception and completion of written 
works) and the publication of such works (ego-gratification!) for others, 
and myself.  I thought it beneficial to promote correspondence between 
present acquaintances, and to promote the convergence of new paths, 

16 Renford Road
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