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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

thereby extending social circles.  And not lastly, because, heck, why not, 
to provide some interesting reads.
	I ask for contributions up to ying yang.  Please, kind reader, or 
someone you know (if you aren't so kind), give birth to (if you haven't 
done so yet), then send in, beautiful literature.  Anything - words words 
words.  Throw in some poetry.  A bit o' prose fiction.  Maybe a healthy 
dose of exposition.  Essays galore.  Why not some drama, a dialogue or 
monologue?  A Socratic dialectic?  Be my guest.  Maybe, if fuel is running 
low, a review of something nice.  Or a letter, open or directional.  Cast off 
the shackles of limits and taboos!  Write whatever!  Create!  Do!
	Fantastic.  Worry yourself not of brief time, "what with 
schoolwork or my job or this or that I just ain't got no time" ... excuses are 
futile; they will fall upon deaf ears.  There is plenty of time.  One must just 
find that time, allocate it, use it, be it.  Haiku - what?-three lines and 17 
syllables?  Minimalism, too, is in fashion.  Not a problem; for the fruits 
that one may reap through the creation of a work of art far exceed any 
temporal restrictions one may place upon oneself.  Go on now, go do it!
	Right-o.  Read, write, and be merry.  Please.  Live it up, pal.

16 Renford Road
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