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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

Pastry Perplexities
- Christopher R. Moore

I have here next to me a danish that strikes a thoroughly uncanny
resemblance to that late 12th  century monarch King Fred the Uninspired.  
It's an apple-filled pastry, with a bit of white sugar frosting squeezed onto
the top of it, reminiscent of loose spaghetti, but sweet and sugary of
course.  It's quite a tasty danish.  I've already taken a bite out of it, in the
lower-left hand corner.  Right now it's set upon a white napkin, on some
yellow scratched-up paper, on my desk.  I've really just begun to eat it.
I think I ought to go back to the grocery store and purchase a few more; it
only cost me 79.  Maybe I'll finish assembling the royal lineage.

16 Renford Road
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