16 Renford Road
Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

Staggered Logs
- W. James Steck II

/The Push

	We eat too fast.  Always struggling to make the dots connect, the 
places, faces, spaces fit comfortably into our day-to-day.  We are lulled by 
the warmth of morning sheets, we are seduced by the thought of a loved 
one (real or imaginary), we are teased by visions of ourselves living our 
dream atop a mountain side, adrift at sea, afoot in foreign lands, ahead 
financially as our own boss, aligning changes in the order of the world, 
aloof in a marvelous new way or living.  We metaphysically drool over the 
things that we'd love to do and the places we'd love to be and yet, we 
cease to be there.  We might stop to consider - "Why?"  Why do we 
postpone the pleasures of the moment, when by doing so, we shake the 
hands of tomorrow's promise for the same tiring rituals of self-denial?  
Why are we stopping to consider?  Where are we headed to from where to 
be stopping?  Why aren't we happy?

/The Scene

	You've driven this road a thousand times before.  Sitting as 
circumstance will commonly find you, at the familiar cross-street traffic 
light, you absently stare off into the bumper of the car in front of you, 
waiting, waiting for the okay to go.  Waiting for the okay to go.  Snapping 
our of it - just what is taking so long?  You're going to be late!  And 
then... well, you still have to go to get ... and oh, you forgot to get 
the... which reminds you that you really wish you hadn't said that before 
you left... you know she took that the wrong way.. because ... well, how 
couldn't she, considering... hmmm... well, if you can just do this, then... 
but, great!... with this delay you're probably not going to be able to do 
any... AHGH!!TRAFFIC!!


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