16 Renford Road
Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

	The meat of the day is done.  You now find yourself driving again 
(it seems like you never stop) in automatic zone-out pilot mode, 
retreatfully zoned out.  You diecdie to turn on the radio to break the 
silence.  Yeah!  The radio!  You love the radio!  Oop, a commerical, 
mmm... well, I wonder what's on...app, another commerical... okay, then 
how 'out this other stat... ahh! ... another comm... ahh, to hell with the 
radio!  We got cassettes!  Oh, yeah! C'mon, that's it!  You release an inner 
chuckle at the revelation.  There it is!  Turn it up real loud.  Real!  
Heh..heh!!  To have control over something!!  Never mind how small.  
- snapping out of it - you recall the things you still have to do.  The bliss 
fades and the events to come climb on you like a twenty pound halo, but .. 
oh well, at least now you have a little space...space, that is, if you leave 
out the six lanes of inter-weaving traffic.  Oh, great move buddy! ... 
cutting right across just like that! ... ugh, they outta ... wait! ... is that a 
cop?! ... oh, no!  You're going 72 in a 65 ... is that bad enough to get 
pulled ov ... oh ... it's not a cop .. just looks like one.  Whew.

	The television is on but nobody is watching it.  You collapse down 
onto the couch and immediately fall into the induced trance of the set just 
to hear the telephone ring (sigh).  Now what?... It's the Honda shop.  
Looks like the car is going to need a whole new alignment.  Yeah, well so 
do you.  A roller-coaster of commercial mini-dramas blankets your 
conversation, feeding you the idea that a woman's opinion will transcend 
directly to the style of your pants and that that soap detergent is alive (so 
buy me).  A family member walks in and starts opening cupboards as they 
sing to themselves.  This guy is still talking in your ear through this piece 
of plastic about the cost of the repairs.  The buzz of oncoming traffic and 
lights is still ringing in your mind.  The radio is turned on.  Following a 
preview of an upcoming talk show where KKK members confront the gay 
coalition of America, the news flashes on the screen.  The oven buzzer 
goes off.  The singing family member looks at you curiously.  The 
doorbell rings.  The... the frustration boils in your gut... the feeling that 

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