16 Renford Road
Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

The Leaders of Life
- Ryan W. Foster

Life can deceive you
It swallows and eats you
The things that you always believed to be true
Are things that they said before laughing at you
You try and you try to understand
But people insist on holding your hand
This is real life- they say through their teeth
While their really preparing a funeral wreath
They kill  the great leaders
The guides
The believers

You still remember what the great ones said
But their spirit is gone with the good things they did 
Yet still you hear-Oh, they were wrong
The papers
The President 
All sing the same song
That life was a disgrace to society-
How can you hold him on high like a deity?

But you understood that fallen guide
The things that he said were all on your side
The love that he gave to your family, your friends
Was destroyed on the path that with him begins
But through all of the myths and the lies
You see his path--
So enormous in size
And down it you'll walk till you get to the end

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