16 Renford Road
Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

A Wand'rer's Dream
- Scott Collins Pickett

In the Dawning of my years
When life was but a waking dream
I often pondered in my heart
Who am I?  What do I mean?

Do I walk with purpose here?
What are my footsteps measured by?
Where will my journey take me
When Day is past and Night belies?
		I cried-
O Morning, ransom me from gloom!
O Sun, shine forth thy rays of truth!
I'm lost, a wand'rer in the dark
Send forth they light and aid my view!

Alas!  Before my eyes did beam
Effulgent rays of light Divine
And poured across the open plain
Spreading o'er the fields of time

I found myself upon a path
Extending back beyond my sight
Before me trav'ling well past Ev'n
Following course beyond the Night

And there I saw in distant view
Upon a noble mountain's dome
A wond'rous City pure and white
With access by the path alone

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