16 Renford Road
Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

A Poem...
- found on the floor

I think, therefore I Am
Therefore, I Must be! Of course you Are, our shining little star
You're Miles and Miles of your forefather's fruit
And now to suit, our great computer,
Your Magnetic ink!
I'm More than that, I know I Am.
There you go lad, keep as cool as You can.
Face piles of trials with smiles.
It Riles them to believe
That you perceive the web that they Weave!

* * *

	a poem
	written in blue ink
	found on a crumpled piece of paper
	on the floor
	of a sterile bus
	one cloudy afternoon

[ed. note: poem found and annotated by Laurie E. Sablotny]

16 Renford Road
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