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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

	The Pink Sea

anticipation was the most fearful
hell I knew
for from the pink sea they came forth:
creatures grotesque and unfamiliar to
me, moving on the night wind
steady, breathing
to claim the lights of death
or the shadows of my brethren

	The Withering of Minds

I had seen them before:
bugs assailing a
bright and humming bulb
apprehension, expectation
-- they search for the light
and embrace it
only to be burned and die
in a brown field of dying
springing for the shadows
	fled, flying
	New Morning

the sun was a fire by which
I could be seen
a thousand eyes like stars
I remembered them
on waking up beside myself
with grief, from my rotting bed of
leaves and crying for the lonely music
I heard when I awoke only to
search for horrible food

16 Renford Road
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