16 Renford Road
Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

- Lisa Jeanne Ferroggiaro


Drawing it out of my pocket like a recreated memory.  Once shoved in a 
pocket and now rests crumpled in my hand.  The wrinkled orange scrap 
has faded, but I will always keep the bright memory within it.  Then I 
see the important but unwritten words:



I felt the Presence and it warmed and filled me inside.  I wanted to 
remember it always, so I began to write a poem.  A poem; something to 
preserve it so I could convey the feeling to others when I returned.  But 
nothing came out.  I was at a loss.  Words were not enough to capture it.   
Then I realized that some things cannot be explained in words, they can 
only be experienced.  What is Love?  It is the invisible force that pulls two 
people closer as they look each other in the eye.  It is the one true laughter 
that you can feel echo in your soul.  It leaves behind its sweetness and 
warmth even after it's gone, to remind you of its true joy and beauty.  It is 
the ability to communicate without saying a word but still understanding.  
It is the confusion that rattles around in a heart trying to make sense of 
itself.  Meanwhile, the noise it makes becomes unbearable to the walls of 
stability.  It is the soul who sits on the fence post between the sweetness 
and the confusion, but trying not to get too close to the confusion.  It is the 
gentleness in the tear that comes from the heart, but is shed by the eye.

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