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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

A Visit to a Friend
- Gary C. Campbell

I went to visit a friend:
So I took a saunter'
	Going past barking dogs;
	Ruff, Ruff
			River dancers;
	Tap, Tap
		And athletic types,
Worrying about their health risks and appearances.
Walked under a crane,
	Big one, watch out
Then I got to where I was going.
Not knowing this before.

It was a hippy-esque type of event.
Filling my nostrils with natural incense.
My friend, sometimes called "refer," sifted in the air as well.
	I walked and noticed the commercialization and capitalization of save 
The planet.
Dancers in black , just beats, interpretive dancing 
People smoking herb, with no thought of laws, just relax
Can I have some ?

I walk on and notice I need sustenance;
Food, eat, I will go.
The long walk makes my appetite grow.
I retrieve  the carbon based food and return to the earth fair.

People dancing, rhythms pounding

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