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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

Japhy guy - yah, he's got his stuff together.  Now, to be him, that'd be 
super - true, he's not making seven figures a year; true, he's not 
mentioned in People or Money magazine; true, he's not earning 
postdoctoral degrees at ivy-league academic institutions.  However, he's 
H-A-P-P-Y!  He does exactly - not more, not less - but exactly what he 
wants to do.  He's always exploring, geographically, academically, 
metaphysically, and theologically.  His life is fulfilling the definition of 

	Ryder, simply, is a Dharma Bum - one whose purpose in life is to 
be a "bum."  One who travels to and fro on the slightest impulses, one 
who supports himself frugally, or not at all.  Job?  Sure, whenever.  Mate?  
Sure, whoever.  Goal?  To Be, Now.  He has realized the true essence of 
life, to do what seems (is?) right.  He does not concern himself with 
extraneous issues - no, he doesn't put up a brick wall between himself and 
Society, no, he is not na´ve or ignorant, but he expends his energy on 
personally important issues and aspects.

	I have been trying to find more space on my finite slate.  I have 
been trying to find another color of chalk to join my accustomed stubs.  I 
would still like to be well-respected in my community, learn as much as I 
can learn, have money to do and see what I'd like, and form friendships 
that last throughout my days.  Perhaps there are just other ways of 
achieving such goals.  For if 20th century life is a car, don't get pulled 
along.  Be a ryder.

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