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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

filling me with their juices of Knowledge.  It is all gratifying, and 
humbling, simultaneously."
	"All is very simple here - perhaps I am just numbed, by the 
extravagancies, to the extravagancies, but perhaps not - the subtle nuances 
affected by acquaintances and cars and cities have evaporated."
	"I see other trails, wiggling throughout the forests and mountains, 
each leading to their own peak.  How are there more than one?  How can 
superlatives have plurals?  Why do people want to visit the tops of 
mountains if they might fall, or might not know?  What is the difference 
between the person and the mountain?"
	I thought also about lakes (neat), and living permanently on top 
(chilly during winter, not much arable land).  Bugs started moving in, 
hoping, I presume, to partake in a taste of the balmy islands of the 
Mediterranean.  Two other humans bounded up the granite boulders 
(boulders I had crawled up, with both hands, wishing for an ice pick) as if 
they were playing hop-scotch in an aeroplane.  They spoke of fishing, and 
interstate highways, and expensive hydration systems.  Jumping about on 
the top-most rock, they did not fall off.  Soon they left.
	I soon left as well.  I was happy with the mountain, and with 
myself.  I was glad I got to the top, perhaps not ecstatic, but it was well 
worth it.  I would do it again, for sure.
	On my way down, I thought about those trails.  I thought of a 
cliché - how each person takes their own trail, some different, many the 
same, and how those who do not take a trail have three choices - to forge 
their own, to get lost, or to stand still.  I wasn't quite sure where I applied 
(nor thought much more about it after tripping over a root), but thought it 
was an interesting cliché.
	I did not draw any conclusions.  It would have been nice, I think, 
but unnecessary... what if I had?  Where would I now be?  Would it pique 
my interest to peak again?  Discovery...

	I now (230' above sea-level) blame all my confusion on the 
absurdly thin oxygen at such an extreme elevation.

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