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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

Standing at the Edge of Land
- Gary C. Campbell

Standing at the Edge of Land

Standing at the edge of land.
	Staring up I seem to see, I seem to realize,
That the stars are still restricting themselves
	Somehow from our view.
I search for an answer, and there I see.
Only in America would someone find a way to build
Further out than the earth of Mother Nature.
The industrial lighting oranges the sky.
Having its own control over nature herself.

I Can Actually See the Milky Way

I can actually see the Milky Way.
I can actually see the Umbrella God.
I can actually see the Big Dipper!
	Isn't it amazing how much you can see ?	
	Away from the mass producers of unnatural light.
I sit in a hole, surrounded by stinging sand winds and a constant ocean howl.
	Just writing, waiting for that shooting star.

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