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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

Not to Waste Breath
- W. James Steck II

You can speak in no other fashion, other than artfully.
If you are considering a graduation from silence -
	To grace the wind with words and deny the blessing of uninterrupted 
		deep breathing-
			You should first recognize every consonant you utter to be pure 
		and to resonate out into always.

				Eternal is every parted lip that may accept the wind
										and transfer it 
								into music of the individual

				We are all instruments in the grand symphony of the world.
						We should remember that as real and 
					significant as we are,
				We need play in accordance with all others,
					From worm to walnut to bear to tree to human 
			being, lest we get out of key...
									And our welcome in 
			the orchestra retire.
				Do not forget in your speaking to sing, always sing.
							Live in poetry.

					Always Remember.
				If you do you will never tire,
					Nor need food nor drink nor sleep nor speak.
				Your understanding and wishes will flow from you into all 
				direct, 			with no need for harsh translation.

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