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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

angels as they sang the praises of the Almighty.  What else could live 
within the heart of the greatest creature of all than eternal gratitude to his 
	At one point, however, a change occurred within the pure heart of a 
loyal Lucifer.  His realization would be the most profound ever 
experienced and would eventually damn him to eternal suffering.  It was 
thus that he reasoned (and we must here accept that angels, too, were 
blessed with reason and free will): "God has created all that is for one sole 
purpose: to serve and to worship Him.  Thus by its very Nature, any 
creature is actually cast in the chains of eternal slavery.  God assured that 
His creatures would be totally dependent on Him, and that they could 
never exist without Him or be his equal.  Why is it that I can not be free?  
Is it just that I am created a slave and forever chained to my imperfect 
Nature?  Why", Lucifer asked, "can I not be like God?"  This thought 
alone was enough.  An angel could not question the Will of God, and 
when he did, he was cast out of Heaven forever.  God banished Lucifer 
from the Holy City, along with those angels who has shared his thoughts, 
and Hell was created.  
	The rebellion of Lucifer can be interpreted in two ways.  Either it was 
an act of destructive and selfish Pride, as is the Christian teaching, or it 
was rather an act of affirmation in the name of all creation against an 
oppressive God and an oppressive Reality.  It is the latter which we will 
	Lucifer knew where his rebellion would take him.  He realized full 
well that submission was the only path to eternal reward.  However, he 
could not shake this question from his heart: "Is it better to live as a slave 
in Heaven, or free in Hell?"  His protest began as a concern for his own 
fate, but ended as a universal protest in the name of an oppressed creation.  
It was his conviction that Reality under God was intrinsically unjust.  Any 
creature, by virtue of its own existence, did not deserve eternal slavery.  
According to Lucifer, only if every creature could become 'like God' 
would justice exist.  However, Lucifer proposed an ideal that could never 
be achieved.  It was not possible that any creature could be like God, but

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