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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

- Christopher R. Moore

	We proceed en masse via a great rocketship.  Fellow passengers,
window seats, ailerons, boiler rooms.  Seat cushions, oxygen masks, fire-
extinguishers, control manuals.  Wagnerian leitmotifs weave in and out
between the aisles, phrases here, clauses there.  Breif whiffs of times to
come... samples of the fragrances to be, that will diffuse throughout the
air, pressurized cabin, recycled.  Just a seed now, a mere germ, a sperm to
meet the egg Gaia the World.  Where is the Word?
	Notice out the observational windows: the sun orbits, revolves
about us (yah, Copernicus, take that!), light and dark alternations, flashes
on/off, electronic acidic transitions and transformations.  Sol, source of
nutriment for photosynthesis, light for finding rings in park grass,
ultraviolet light to sere foreheads of mammals.  Day night night day.
Carpe diem.  Knight and Dei.  Contemplative abilities of warm sun-lit
afternoons, notions of
	Newton's gravity, inverse square roots... Trees of alloyed steel
spring rebelliously out cracks in urban tarmacs, blocking congesting
public transportation, requirements of balloon angioplasty.  These
polyunsaturated partially hydrogenated mostly homogenized lipids clog
and stuff and thicken and make faces, slowing life to slo-mo rates of
speed... Aspirin, if you can bare, will street-sweep the mess, and thus: 
	We speed along once again multilingually at .37 times the speed of
light (110,923,209 km./sec., or is it 3 steps forward, two steps back?
Come home, Charlie Brown), straight POW! through comet tails, stardust
nebulae, billions and billions of stars.  Cosmic ethereal ephemeral imperial
haphazardous concoctions slow not us down any longer... stop?  Pardon? 
7-11 quickie run, ok?  Sure, sure, stick your arm out the window - don't
get caught in the bush, though, eh?
	Words words words piped through the PA pipes, oozing
ubiquitously throughout the fuselage.  Par-lay voo fran-say?  Ich bin ein
Berliner (hard, rough, grating sounds, sprachwissenschaftlich, or is that 
A Great Rocketship

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