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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

with an umlaut), no chè?  Sayonara, quid pro quo.  Translations and 
transliterations, UN diplomatic round-tables, orthographic cognates... 
speak and you shall be spoken to.  Speak for yourself.
	The one-hundred-and-three piece philharmonic symphonic
orchestra blasts away.  Trombones blaring, tympani thumping, melodies
twist about, inverse, obverse, reverse, fueling feuding fugues.
	On the left-hand side, if you squint your eyes just right (left?)
20/20, you shall see a large concrete wall, constructed of brick and
sponge, bugs and vehicles splattered chromospectrally along the grout.
Fortunately, Yours Truly has earned much diploma, exercised many a day
within simulators, stimulators.  That road shall not be taken, though
there's a heck of a view at that altitude.  Blinking, now peer to the right,
and witness a great open expansive plains, meadow, lush in bud, virgin
blossoms, luxurious verdant emerald green, a giant stuck fast in the mud.
Babbling brook meandering beneath his knees colossusly... it flows
spritefully between seats 19C and 19D.  In case of a water landing on the
	Over the intercom, it is el capitan who spakes unto thou:  There is
one emergency exit on this craft, please look to see its proximity to you.
Eyes peek geometrically down the rows, following the phosphorescence,
though it is difficult to find the destination.  Curtains impede view.  Never
worry, says helm.  Ah!  One moment to tangentalize, yells a boisterous
voice from behind!  Curtains!  To do what!  To separate 1st class from
cattle-car class, gently responds an attractive flight attendant.  Ack!  You
capitalist bastard!  Eyes look askew.  Yes, you heard me, you, you big-
business stock-market wealthy person!  We see Thesis, the humbled
masses here, served complementary peanuts for the poor.  And observe
Antithesis, greedy hyenas up yonder plane.  Let us behold Hegelian
Synthesis, say I!  Merge, fuse!  The proletariat shall yet reign!  Let us all
	In case of an emergency (clearing throat), pull down, twist counter-
clockwise, and push-out, all clockwise; that is, in advancing temporal
fashion.  Then, in single-file fashion, hypothetically, disembark calmly,
without fret.  There will extend a presently hidden-from-view inflatable 

16 Renford Road
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