16 Renford Road
Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

ramp to catch you, to escort you safely to safety.  In case of a water
landing, the ramp with metamorphosize, kafka-esque, into a self-contained
water-resistant raft, plush and deluxe.  Happily ever after thou shalt be.
Remember, ladies and gentlemen, please do not, I repeat do not, bring
your carry-on luggage or your cigarettes in case of an emergency.
	Emergency schmemergency.  (God is dead, remember? adds
Nietzsche).  The carpeting is worn thin, an astroturf variety.  Many scuffed
heals, muddy tracks persevere.  What does persevere?  Press the lit button
above you.  Electrons ever swirling concentrically, what a bore, about the
nucleus the core, complements of Primus Mobilis.  Quarks up down left
right charm strange?  3-in-One?  But never sep-ar-ate, say the phy-si-cists.
Trinity.  And then.  Second.  Law.  of.  Thermodynamics.  Vortices of
energy accumulation twisting purposefully inherently through streams of
the substratic matric essence.  Layers upon layers, hierarchical archangels
of the earth.  Existence.  Form + Matter/Function.  Universal + Particular.
Kings Play Cards Only For Girl Scouts.  Individual.  I.
	We continue to zoom along at break-neck velocities.   

16 Renford Road
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