16 Renford Road
Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

- Christopher R. Moore, Editor

Greetings and salutations:
	Shun the sedentary lifestyle!  Banish all laziness!  Eliminate any 
trace of sloth-like behavior!  Get up, throw some shoes on, grab a hiking stick 
or some car keys, and set out into the world!  Set down any books 
you may be reading (you may bring along 16 Renford Road, if you 
choose, though - it is designed to fit in a pocket), turn off the television, 
do a few leg stretches, open the door, and promptly exeunt stage right.  Let
 your destinations be various, multitudinous.  Take a hike near a lake or 
stream; drive over to an art museum; frolic at the city park, take a trip to 
the snow or the ocean.  It's fun.  Just digress.
	We are all about experience.  Nothing else.  Sensation, our portal 
to experience, has innumerable sources, for sure: visual, audile, tactile; 
conversation, interaction, self-reflection.  Any source of stimulus, external 
or internal, adds to the aggregate of total experience... experienced by a 
person.  What we know, all of our ideas and beliefs and values and morals, 
are derived from the daily adventures we've been a part of since birth (and 
earlier?).  Wisdom, the ability to sense quality, is acquired through a 
lifetime of encounters with the world.  The magic of the mind 
subconsciously synthesizes and analyzes every bit of material it acquires, 
from the majestic image of the Sierra Nevada's to a sip of pineapple juice.  
Like a patchwork quilt of old, the greater the diversity of scraps, the 
greater the richness, warmth, and meaning the quilt comprises.
	The case of books or television or other such media: they are 
potent, and yet, at the same time, deceitful, sources of experience.   Books 
contain within themselves entire existences, entire volumes of an actual 
human being's experience; they are compendiums of perspectives and 
opinions by the poor, the rich, the well-traveled, the oppressed.  They are 
like a time machine for pure, unscathed genius and wisdom.  Boiled-down 
Essence of Life.  The world is incredibly immense - how can one expect 
to participate in everything, to behold all that there is to behold?  It is 

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