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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

impossible, but!-somebody else already has!-and has written a book 
about it!  The local branch library or even a well-stocked bookshelf 
consists of hundreds, thousands of lifetimes.  Yes.  Books are swell.
	Yet, books are not a panacea to our cravings for experience.  If our 
only bodily sense was vision, and more specifically, the ability to see, 
recognize, and interpret small black typed characters on white paper, then 
books would serve as our only, and greatest, source of sensation.  
Unfortunately, we have much more than that one sense: general 
observation, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, internal thought, etc. 
Reading can't satiate each of our desires.  Nor can any particular medium.
	We must be involved!  Ah, the romanticized road-trip, the 
idealistic hike to the top of a mountain, a coffee-shop conversation till 
early hours of the morn'.  These are what we crave, what we hunger for.  
Like virtual reality, an absolute immersion into a world, 360o of it, only... 
actuality.  Like a sparkling brook, we ache to drink it all in, to slather our 
body with its freshness, to feel it.  Is it not what educators have been 
saying decades?  To learn, we must use our hands and our ears and our 
muscles.  Activity vs. passivity.  Synergies must be attained, such that we 
may be completely absorbed.
	Traveling is the Way.  It is the Go, the Do, the Tao.  Let us hearken 
back to our nomadic ancestors, those families who proceeded not 
temporally, but spatially.  We do not sense time (except thyme); we sense 
space.  It is through all space(s) that we must envelop ourselves.
	What is it about "On the Road" that seems so special?  Freedom.  
Variety.  Experience.  Stimulation.  Invigoration.  I'm not sure.  I certainly 
cherish Going and Coming.  Not to stay away too long, for Staying is what 
Going and Coming go from and come to, but just long enough.  Being 
away has some seemingly mystical quality; for all the newness and at 
times overwhelming nature of a journey or trek, the vacation most often 
realizes its name - vacate, an evacuation of all the static worries and 
thoughts in one's head, leaving room only for dynamic ones.  Dynamic 
Interactive Experiences.  Delicious.

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