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	Hi there! Gary [Campbell] was kind enough to give me a copy of 
your literary publication 16 Renford Road. I must ask where the name 
comes from?  Indeed, it was such a joy to read.  What a great idea that was 
of yours to start such a thing.  I was ever so impressed by your Soliloquy... 
and I really mean that.  It was one of those things that I could really sink 
my brain into and ponder deeply. It seemed like you are really serious 
about wanting people to share their writing, so after thinking about what 
you said in your Soliloquy this is what came out of my brain:


	For a long time I wasn't too hot about letting my writing loose and 
into the open. I thought it would be a sort of betrayal. I thought I would be 
betraying those words by not keeping them safe and protected within my 
own domain. No one else could truly understand them anyway.  But now I 
have a different outlook. Would those words really be reaching their full 
potential by just sitting there? By letting them loose, I would at least be 
giving them that chance to be understood. And now I think people 
understand more than I think they do. So, in a sense, they (my words) are 
like children. They should best be let out into the world instead of living 
with their parents the rest of their life. Yet, there is still a way that only a 
parent can know a child.

								-Lisa Jeanne Ferroggiaro

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