16 Renford Road
Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

Secret Service; of the Top Confidentiality variety, to hide our data in the dark closet behind the
For your eyes only (FYEO)!!  Eyes only?  Or only Eyes?
I cannot hear you.
Telephone networks for connexions, audial, vocal, oral
Leave a message at the sound of the
Call waiting, waiting, and more waiting as the weight increases ever more
This is the way? 
Asked Little Miss Muffet as she sat on her tuffet eating curds and -
Pondering telephonic booths, red ones at that
What are they?  Portals of entry into the
Etheric womb of communication?
And down came the spider, whose web
Encompassed the Earth, our planet
In fiber optic cable and grapevines and word-o'
Mouth, allowing fragments of figments
To waft in through open windows
As shouting from the street or
Financial newspapers from professional newspaper boys/men

Yesterday my mailbox (earthly variety) overflowed:
It breached the levees of the postmaster general-approved corrugate metal box
Too much stuff came to me, yet not enough
Circulars (rectangular), newspapers (last week's) direct-mail (direct to my dustbin)
Magazines and catalogues of clothing and gardening supplies and vacations,
Things dealing not with magazines and catalogues.
1st class mail, like First Class
For airplane fliers, with comfy leather seats and

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