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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

intention, largely, is to defy traditional conceptions of art, while at the 
same time, or because of it, remaining and even exemplifying art.  In 
many situations the implied definitions of a type of thing are too rigid; that 
Nature does not hold things in little compartments, meant to be sorted and 
categorized.  It is exciting (and somewhat absurd) to gather up into one 
building all the things that yearn to be outside of such buildings.  Much 

	This past March, I received through the post some literature 
regarding the Museum of Man down in San Diego.  The pamphlets were, 
unfortunately, very vague, consisting solely of directions to Balboa Park, 
the place in which it resides, and ticket information.  Nothing to evince the 
true content of this treasury of "Man".  I have not yet been down for a 
visit, and have on occasion considered the implications of such a museum 
as this one I am told of via first-class mail.
	I envision walking up to a large portico, replete with Ionic columns 
and large flights of stairs to an entrance of three double-doors.  Inside, 
shiny white walls meander in and out of big and little rooms, coming to 
angles or curves.  Track-lighting on the ceiling would throw pools of 
yellowish-white brightness onto the floor and along parts of the wall.  In 
strategic locations throughout the rooms would be small rectangular 
plastic plaques with neat black print upon them.  Several young men in 
black suits and several gentle-looking elderly ladies in pastels would stand 
silently in a corner, preventing any problems, becoming instant docents, 
pointing out the restrooms.  
	The proper study of man is man.  Therefore, at this said "museum 
of man", the exhibits would properly be "human beings".  Certainly 
mannequins or actors would not do; that would be like displaying prints of 
Picasso's works at a Picasso studio.  The observers would watch not static, 
inert elements, but other observers.  On one of the higher plaques, one 
would read "View of People Craning Heads Upwards" or something 
similarly succinct.  Near the exit, once people are tired of silence, the 
exhibit might be named "Sounds and Languages of Various Peoples".  Stairs 
might provide "Study of Locomotion: Going, Slowing, and 

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