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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

Stopped".  Some rooms might be tiny, for an up-close look; others, 
motionless, for a still life; a particular one allowing only one individual at 
a time, to inspire introspection. Varying social attitudes may be noted in 
varying social climates: in a cafeteria, in dim light, next to a radio.  
Critically placed artifacts might naturally segregate groups by age, or 
ethnicity, or gender, or hearing-ability, conducive to study of parts.  The 
tour-de-force, the "Mona Lisa" of the Museum, might be a great ballroom 
of immense size, allowing huge numbers of people in at one time.  This 
room, the spectacle, the genius of the curator, this room would impart a 
perspective, would show the immensity and diversity and similarity of the 
constituents of our human race.  Oh, it would be vast: vast in size, in 
width, in depth, in breadth, in poignancy and impulse and all that other 
good stuff.  A truly amazing room for a truly amazing Museum.
	Museums.  Neat places.  They are a worthwhile recipient of your 
time and three dollars.  It gives the ease of use, with some measure of 
interactivity, which is all-important, as well as nice air-conditioning.  
Summers are hot.  Refresh yourself. 

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