16 Renford Road
Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

	No, I suppose not.  I did then, but then... not enough.  Now I'm a 
Oh yes?  I own a watch!
	I see.  I probably didn't make it, though.
Probably not.  It's swiss.
His keys are locked in the car
	Where is my savior?  I must go from here.  
	Whatcha writin' about, friend?
About you, I think.
	Why don't you write about my keys?
Perhaps I shall.  Are they lonely?
	No... they have my eyeglasses - to keep them company.
I see.
	Yes... I like company... I was supposed to have company this 
That's the problem, leaving your keys locked in your car.
	It sure is.  But, I guess I get to be written about... and more coffee.
Plus, you get to see my watch.
	That's true.  Oh!  Wait!  Oh! There's-
Liberation of his keys... and now I once again
Sit alone, pencil in hand,
My car across the street,
My keys in my pocket

16 Renford Road (four)
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