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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

Death Chair
- Anjana Basu

This chair was an electric one.
It scorched.
People cutting through the pack
burnt their fingers on its legs.
At the end of a long corridor
crowded with screams,
the chair waited.
It was bad with its legs in the air:
the sign of a multitude of axes.
It was worse with its feet on the ground.
Most chairs are secure and deep
They don't answer when you call them
They support you quietly, bridging troubled waters
Most chairs don't have names, just parts of your body
easy, arm, swivel, Swede
comfortable countries, three feet in the air
Legs on the ground.
This one was different
This one was a hunter
The Death Chair - symbol of a violent chase
ending in electricity
shockingly sudden, the final resting place.
A chair is going to change your life for the worse
Most chairs are secure places
with narrow cushioned seats
Most chairs aren't lost in the dark.

Men who slash their wrists go there,

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