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Soliloquy #1
Submission Techniques
"The Form"

return home except on holidays and birthdays. Soon after it is announced 
that this once wed bride is to be married to City Paris. Relieved to find out 
that City is only one man, Marionette still frets about breaking the 
numerous polygamy laws of the state. Not to mention the fact that she is 
still a minor. 
	Marionette, being the dummy that she is, thinks that she and Rodeo 
can just runaway together. Rodeo thinks this plan is too easy and lacks 
pizzazz. (Which every good plan must have.) Instead he suggests an 
elaborate poison that just so happens to be an old family recipe. The 
concoction, which will put poor Marionette to sleep for a little while, is 
later discovered to be Nyquil.  The potion is sent for, but with no one 
willing to home deliver nowadays, the Fryer must get it. After taking a 
few to many swigs of the brew, due to the high alcohol content, 
Marionette falls into a deep slumber. Unable to rouse the drunken beauty, 
the family buries her in the Catapult family vault (in the Catapult family 
bank).  So much for checking for a pulse. 
	After breaking and entering to gain access to the vault, even 
though the key is hanging on a hook right beside it, Rodeo sees his wife.  
Upon his inability to arouse her, he shoots himself with his handy six-
shooter. Marionette awakens to find her husband yelping in pain and 
screaming, "Oh you nasty, villainous, vile, virulent, gun. You are a bad, 
bad weapon, I dislike you strongly."  After ol' nine-toes stops bleeding the 
two lovers go skipping of into the sunset. Actually limping a little in 
Rodeo's case.

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